Friday, June 18, 2004

Face The Truth; or Malachi held hostage AGAIN

Monday, June 14, 2004:
This morning, Jerry and I went to Tarrytown, where the cops had given him a really hard time before. Since then, they clearly did some research on the law. Great when cops do that. Jerry was strategically placed with the video camera, I was out with Malachi, and had a recorder in my pocket. Well, they treated me like royalty. Just wanted me to know that they knew that I was within my rights, Ma'am - no problem here, just stay off the street, OK? No problem.

I stayed for about 45 minutes, and heard the same old things - it's as if wherever I go, the same people seem to be there, and all say the same things. But one man, a Cuban refugee, went off - but in favor of FTT. He said that he couldn't for the life of him fathom why a woman would allow such a thing to be done to her baby. His wife had, he told me, burst into tears at the sight of Mal. His opinion on the fate of women who had abortions was grim, so I will not go into detail. But he thanked us for making people Face the Truth.

Then, I decided to go to my hometown, Yorktown Heights, in upper Westchester. Jerry positioned himself to film me, and I was at a major intersection, for quite a while. Actually received many positive responses. One, however, burned itself into me; a young woman, looking at Mal, began to weep; I don't know if she was weeping out of compassion, or because she had had an abortion herself. Many criticize FTT because we can have this effect on post-aborted women. Yet, close to 90% now of all abortions are repeat, birth control abortions. Perhaps is is not a bad thing at all, to have everyone, including the post aborted, Face The Truth as well.. I no longer believe that women don't know what they're doing. They do. But to protect their promiscuous lifestyle, they don't care. This was the thrust of the March for Murder.

Then, came the cops. He called me over to the car, and asked, “Don't you need a permit for this?”. I said, no, I don't think so. He called both Town Hall, and his superiors to ascertain whether this was true. He got bad advice. YES they all said, “she needs a permit.” I responded, “ I don't believe that my First Amendment rights are cancelled by ANY local ordinance, and I KNOW I do NOT need a permit to stand on the sidewalk with a sign.” He said, “Look, do you want to make a big thing of this?” I said, No, certainly not. “Why don't you go to Town Hall, and get a permit?” “Because I don't need one, Officer. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my corner to picket”. He said, “No you're not. I need to arrest you. Do you want that?” “No I don't; but this is a matter of principle, and I'm not going to give in.” So it was, “put your hands on the car,” and I was handcuffed, and stuffed into the police car. We had been making small talk while he was waiting for an answer, and I found out that his 11 year daughter just started piano lessons; I gave him some advice on what to look for in a teacher, and he seemed to appreciate it. Except for making the cuffs too tight, he was a perfect gentleman.

At the PD, I was searched, and handcuffed to the bench for the entire time. Yet everyone was friendly. When the confiscated Mal, I began to get upset though. Not again!

Another Malachi is languishing in a back room in Millbrook, having been taken away from Jerry. I said, to the photographer, and the arresting officer, (Mike), “You realize this is a PHOTOGRAPH.again” The said they did. I said, “Yes, he was taken from a dumpster in Texas.” No comment. Of course, they had to be non-commital, yet I didn't want them to sleep too well tonight.

I was charged with demonstrating without a permit, a total non-offense. I am to appear in court on August 10, to pay the fine, which of course I will not pay. We have contacted Chris Ferrara and I'll let you know where it goes from here.


At June 18, 2004 at 9:14 PM, Blogger Helen Westover said...

I explained to the Yorktown Chief of Police that he was playing with fire. I filled him in, to be fair, about what befell the Town of Poughkeepsie in 2001. He was non-committal. Fine.
My court date is Aug. 10, at 7pm in the Yorktown Heights court. I ask, not for support, but for pro-life muscle. If I am convicted, I will of course not pay the fine; off to jail for a vacation, and time to read. If I am aquitted, which I'm quite sure of, we need a demonstration. In either case, we need a demonstration. A real one; a Face the Truth demonstration.
Please join me and Jerry Moynihan, Associate Director of Mid-Hudson STOPP, for the festivities on Aug. 10.
Call me for directions; 845-266-8846

At June 20, 2004 at 9:54 AM, Blogger joe_n3wtv said...

it appears that were movng closer and closer to a police state.its pure harrassment and with the situation getting worse daily .its getting harder to respect our politicians.


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