Friday, June 18, 2004

Face The Truth - Scripturewall Tuesday

June 8, 2004:
Today, I decided to to to Planned Parenthood (PP) in Poughkeepsie, where the Scripturewall (founded by Father Francis McCloskey) was operating. Scripturewall is a combination prayer service and sidewalk counseling method, which has been very effective in actually saving babies. One method that seems to work is for the majority to pray and counsel in front of the place of child-sacrifice, and for others to go to the corner with the atrocity signs, in an effort to head mothers off before they even get close. Fr. Francis and the Scripturewall gang are there every Tuesday, rain or snow. I have gone only occasionally, but I will try to match their dedication.

Jerry and I went to opposite corners, both of us with dear Malachi. Unusually supportive stuff went on on my end. Two thumbs up at separate times. A young woman came over, and looked sadly at Malachi. I began to explain his origin, (a dumpster in Texas), and then Rich Van Slambrouk came over, and talked to her more. This resulted in the woman going off to the Crisis Pregnancy Center with Audry Mondello! Who knew? This is what Scripturewall does best.

Then it got

A lady cop (oxymoron of oxymorons - plus she herself is a moron) with whom I had problems before at the city high school, pulled up while I was conferring with Rich. She takes either testosterone shots in tbe morning, or she wears a patch. Anyway, they had received a complaint about my being on the main business street, Market, which is adjacent to PP. I introduced myself, but she hadn't forgotten, apparently. Then she began to make noise like I didn't belong on Market St., and that I am a lot of trouble(!). I said, “I know you think I cause trouble, but unfortunately for you, I don't break the law, ever.” Then she decided to talk about me to Rich. This was pure harrassment, as I told her superior about 5 minutes later (her superior got nasty with me when I told him that I want this woman to leave me alone or I'll sue for harrassment. He hung up on me.) while I marched all over market street.

Yes, thanks to the Bimbo/Cop-ett, I got the idea to do a Face the Truth in front ot Social Services, the County office building, and several shops - The place where the movers and shakers of Dutchess County go to conduct business. Why hadn't I done this before? (Slap to head)

Finished, I went back to the others to find out that the cop who hung up on me had come to PP to talk to me. Keystone Kop - I was right around the corner, where the complaint had come from in the first place. KK must have just missed me. So I called back, and said that I would wait for a while for KK, but that I did have to get to work, and after all, I wish always to cooperate with Poughkeepsie's Finest! He didn't show, so I left my card with Rich so KK could give me a call.


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