Friday, June 18, 2004

The First of Many Home Pickets of Child Killers and Their Little Helpers

Friday, June 4, 2004:
STOPP went to the home of the new President of the New NOW of Dutchess county, which is comprised of six old ladies and a few college students. Jennifer Shagan is the president, she of the TV show that we were both on three years ago. On that show, she distinguished herself by claiming that the homosexual community was 20% of the population. The moderator, pointing to a NY Times article which said that the number was 10% or below, demurred. Jennifer's rejoinder was “Well, I learned that in a class!”

Then, as I cited data about the genocide taking place, and how it's done, she answered by whining about “Choice” and “Woman's Rights” and how we're losing all of them, which will apparantly result in women in Poughkeepsie soon being forced to wear Burkas.

When the Partial Birth Abortion ban was overturned by the federal court, Jennifer was interviewed, and declared it good; “Women need to have control over their bodies” she peeped.

I know where she lives, having given her kids piano lessons, and having taken some unwanted hamsters off her hands... I brought Emily, the unborn girl who had her head torn off to secure women's rights, and a sign designed by our little signmaker, Maeghan MacDougall, which said, “SHAGAN'S CHOICE”.

Jen wasn't home, but the neighbors were. Cell phones were whipped out, cops called - nothing. It is important when picketing a home, not to stay in front of the targeted residence for too long... law says you have to keep moving. I know it, and so do the police... Which was fine with me. Now the neighborhood knows what Jennifer stands for- beheading.

STOPP will return with Malachi, the most effective of all signs. We will call first, to insure that she is home.


At October 12, 2006 at 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so pathetic, it's sad. What if my three children saw you doing that. If you care so much about children you wouldn't do that to mine. Especially when you see them weekly at the Lyon's house. I told Heidi what you did. My neighbors know you're a fanatic, so I don't care what you do there. By the way, I fired you as a piano teacher, before all of this, due to your lack of professionalism, when you did't show for numerous appointments.
Get a life and stay out of everyone elses.


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