Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Witchita 12

Recently twelve brave soliers of Chrst were arrested and imprisoned for their apostolic work in Witchita. Those events should send a battle cry throughout the nation for pro-lifers to support those people. For those who reside too far to travel to Witchita, why not send each of them a letter of encouragement? Why not send $1.00 for them to purchase commissary while imprisoned? We can also send letters to the editor of Wichita newspapers.
Those who reside within driing distance of Witchita should consider participating in daily pickets of the jail, and the residences of the Chief of Police and the District Attorney as well as in front of their offices. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, signs and banners can also be used to bring attention to this issue. How about call-ins to local radio stations?
It is a mistake for us to continue thinkig solely in terms of our individual groups and organizations, or even in a regional sense. Of course, everything said about Witchita can and should be applied to Yorktown Heights on behalf of Helen Westover who is facing persecution on behalf of the unborn.


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